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Weirdest winter ever


It’s February in upstate New York, and I just got back from an hour-long walk with the dogs, wearing nothing but a fleece. No winter jacket, no hat, no gloves. No snow!

We’ve had the warmest January on record, but the rumor is we’re heading into a record-cold February. So…….. I thought I better take advantage of this last nice day before the lake-effect snow starts pounding us. Everyone here is just waiting for the miserable weather that no doubt awaits us. We all know it’s too good to be true.

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Jocelyn had this to say on 02.05.06:

Here in Chicago, there was a column in the paper today about “2006- the winter that never was.” Unfortunately for us, it’s still a drought and our lovely pine tree has some browning despite lots of TLC(watering and wilt proof spray).

sheila hurlburt had this to say on 02.06.06:

i just moved upstate in october, from texas – we’re over by VT tho… and yes, this winter has been something huh? i’m watching flurries out the window now but its been 50 the past few days so its just melting as it hits the ground.

Anonymous had this to say on 02.15.06:

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