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What brings me joy…


As a designer-slash-organization enthusiast, I’ve been coveting the Just Organize Your Stuff (JOYS) system since the day I saw it. It’s productivity porn at it’s finest. And it’s so very lovely looking. Forget those plain-jane Franklin Covey binders with a calendar and some notepads. This thing is much more functional (and lovely. did I mention lovely?), with modules like “Home”, “Wealth”, and “Wellness”… in short, it’s a life organizer rather than a place to track tasks and meetings.

JOYS binder system

Pretty as can be.

So when I saw that I could win one for free from Kerflop just for writing about what brings me joy…. well, I couldn’t resist. Especially since one of the topics is Home. And despite all my griping about to-do lists and credit card bills and never ending construction messes, our home brings me a lot of joy.

When we bought The Fixer-Upper, I wasn’t a handy person. Home repair wasn’t something I felt compelled to learn. Never in my wildest dreams would I have imagined myself framing up a bathroom wall. Or wiring up an electrical circuit. Or renting a jackhammer to make a crumbling concrete patio disappear. I never imagined I would choose new plumbing over new clothes, or cancel a honeymoon cruise to pay for chimney repairs. More importantly, I never imagined that I would get so much joy out of something so physically and mentally draining.

But I do – time and time again. It’s what keeps me going when I’m exhausted, the bank account is drained, I miss my friends and family, and I just want to forget about drywall and take a nap. And it’s not just the big accomplishments that bring me joy. It’s great to finish a major remodeling project and bask in the gloriousness of an entirely new space you created from floor to ceiling – but I also get a kick out of the little things. Coming around the corner on my way home and seeing our cupola rising above all the other rooftops. Finding the perfect antique door knob at a salvage shop. Overhearing our neighbors discussing what hard workers we are. Staying in bed a little later than we should, making time to daydream about the next big project and how fabulous it will be.

Despite the fair amount of turmoil and frustration this house has given us, it has always been worth it. The good moments, little and big, always outshine the bad. And really, what more can you ask for?

(Hmmm…..maybe a JOYS binder system so I can keep track up with my hectic Fixer-Upper lifestyle?!)

Comments, Thoughts, and Feedback

denise had this to say on 08.17.07:

What is it about designers and their need to organize? (I guess it makes us good at our jobs, for one!) I have some posts in the works on my houseblog about organizing, and I completely share your enthusiasm: I love it! I remember seeing the JOYS system somewhere and forgot about it, so thanks for the reminder. And go figure, the creator is a graphic designer!

Eilis had this to say on 08.17.07:
Mindy had this to say on 08.17.07:

Oh, Listography just went on my Amazon Wishlist. Ironic, no?

Mindy had this to say on 08.17.07:

Denise – I think it’s the OCD disorder bred from nitpicking things until there’s nearly nothing left to them. Our eyes are trained to spot a piece of text that is 2 pixels too far to the right. How can we be expected to live with binders overflowing every which way?? :)

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