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What Would Jesus Buy?


On this, the holiest of all shopping days, I’m sitting in my craft room working on a few homemade Christmas gifts, consciously avoiding the spending frenzy. I’m a bargain hunter, which makes it tempting to head out in search of those “great deals”…. I took a long hard look at the Lowe’s flyer yesterday, but since I hate the general public, hate waiting in line, and hate spending money, I couldn’t bring myself to head out into the fray.

Reverend Billy and the Church of Stop Shopping Choir

I just read the latest post over at No Impact Man (great blog – bookmark it now!) and now I’m dying to see What Would Jesus Buy, the mockumentary featuring Reverend Billy and the Church of Stop Shopping. He and his traveling choir are on a mission to save us from the Shopocalypse (and an evergrowing pile of credit card debt.) From the NY Times:

The film takes us on a 2005 cross-country tour with Reverend Billy; Savitri D, his wife and organizer of his Church of Stop Shopping; and the church’s gospel choir. Along the way they deliver their message — that peace and love, not spending, are the true backbone of holiday spirit — through witty speeches and songs to unsuspecting patrons at assorted problem spots like Wal-Mart, the Mall of America and Disneyland. (full review)

Reverend Billy is actor Bill Talen’s alter ego. Talen is an actor and activist who lives in New York. He has been arrested numerous times for spreading the good word. His act (and the movie) may be tongue in cheek, but his message is serious.

Morgan Spurlock of Super Size Me fame is one of the producers, so I’m sure it’s hilarious. Unfortunately, it’s not coming anywhere near us so I’ll have to settle for some YouTube interviews and the movie trailer until it makes it to DVD. But if you’re in a big city, check their website for info on where it’s playing. Might help you keep the gimme-gimmes in check all year round so you can get that Home Depot credit card bill paid off and resist that beautiful but oh-so-unnecessary $700 light fixture you’re drooling over.

A few ways I’m avoiding the mall this shopping season:

  • Shopping on Etsy. The best site out there for finding unique handmade goods.
  • Crafting up a few special presents. Not everyone appreciates a homemade gift, but those who do will be rewarded ;)
  • Trying to buy one nice thing for people instead of a half-dozen little random things that aren’t that cool
  • Participating in charitable giving
  • Giving sweets instead of cheap little tchotchkes that get thrown away immediately

How’re you avoiding the consumer craziness this year? Got some good ideas? In the middle of some crazy DIY Christmas projects? Do share!

Comments, Thoughts, and Feedback

Patricia W. had this to say on 11.24.07:

I saw the Reverend Billy article in the paper yesterday and thought it was funny!

I am one of those who absolutley loathe the after Thanksgiving Day insanity. It brings out the worst in people and frankly, I’d rather pay double than have to deal with the public at their worst.

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