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What would you like to see?


I’m in the process of simplifying and redesigning this site. It’s no small task, and the new layout probably won’t see the light of day for a few weeks yet. But before I finalize things, I thought it would be smart to ask you, my lovely readers, for ideas. What would you like to see change on this site? What’s missing? What’s useless and should go away?

One thing I know we need to add is a house tour of some kind, so you can get the larger picture. But even then, I think – slideshow, or thumbnail gallery, or floor plans? What’s best?

All critiques and assessments, good and bad, are welcome – I can take it!

Comments, Thoughts, and Feedback

Derek Canavan had this to say on 03.27.06:

There’s a blog for a house in Richmond VA that includes photos of local architecture. I find that really interesting. Is yours one of many Italienates? I bet there are not many. Love the house. How are the dogs?

Alan had this to say on 03.28.06:

I like it when you have a floor plan and then have hotspots on it with pictures of the different areas. Just my 2 cents.

Poppy had this to say on 04.11.06:

I enjoy reading your blog. Love what you’re doing with your house!

betting-odds had this to say on 05.05.06:


designer-handbags had this to say on 05.05.06:


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