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When we’re not working on the house, we’re…


…putting together plans for our wedding, in May. I remember saying “It’s just a big party, so what’s the big deal?”. That was before I realized how hard it was to plan a big party…. in a different state….with all of my most beloved friends and relatives in attendance…..while working full-time, freelancing, and fixing a house.

Teague has been working 12-hour days (winter is “busy season” where he works), and I’ve been assembling invites, making paper flowers, and trying to keep things moving forward. The good news is that everything is coming together beautifully, and I think everyone will have a great time. However, it’s definitely cutting into my “fixer-upper” time! Which is to say, sorry there are no new pictures to post or fixes to brag about, but we’ll get back to the house as soon as we can.

Last night, we started a registry at Home Depot. I think it’s GREAT that they do registries. I suppose it’s not quite traditional to wish for a 5-gallon drum of Killz or a heat-gun to melt paint off of our molding, but we’re practical people and we’re in love with our house, so those types of things will please us to no end. We plan to stay in our house for a very long time; the work we’re doing is not just for us, but for the family we hope to one day raise there. So it makes sense. The hard part is picking out what, exactly, we want and need for future projects. I spent so long in there the other day, two different people asked if I was ever going to leave!

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jenne had this to say on 02.03.05:

I was at Menard’s for a really long time the other night…in the seed aisle! I just zoned out and started grabbing packets. When we left I was amazed at how long I had been there!
Planning a wedding can take up so much time! I remember I just wanted everything simple.
I’m amazed at all you are accomplishing! Yay!

Nick had this to say on 02.03.05:

In the end we ended up just asking for Home Depot gift cards. Turns out folks didn’t want to bring 2×4’s to the reception…

I sure wish we had some of those cards left!

john m had this to say on 02.04.05:

y’all too, eh? congrats! We’re getting married in May as well. It is astounding that y’all are getting do much done…

mindy had this to say on 02.04.05:

John -Well, the progress has definitely slowed – I keep bouncing from wedding to house and back again. Both are very time consuming – but fun as well. Congratulations to you guys too!

Nick – we’d be fine with gift cards ;) Much easier to cart home from Maine (we’re getting married in Bar Harbor, and live in upstate New York).

Kristin had this to say on 02.04.05:

I’m so glad wedding planning is behind me! It was so much work, and I was in a hyper-busy time of my life, too. I’m so surprised I didn’t have a total meltdown. But in my case, most of my family and friends were in the same city as the wedding, so I had lots of help and fewer complications than you. You are an awesome woman!

A note of encouragement after of all this whining: The wedding was incredibly fun. The hectic planning part has all turned into a haze, but the memories from the wedding itself are still clear and wonderful!

terri J had this to say on 02.09.05:

i am a friend of jacie collins and we also live in canastota.we are on caroline street and our house was built in 1890.our house is a farm house and very simple in design.we have worked on it since we moved in and will always be working on it.don’t give up it’s such a great reward.have fun planning your harbor and acadia is a wonderful place.

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