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Why eBay rocks


I won this cute little light fixture for $3.50 the other day:

We’re in need of something for the bathroom ceiling, and for just about every other ceiling in the upstairs. We’ve got a grand total of 9 “plastic chandeliers” up right now. Like this:
Plastic ceiling light

So a new (cheap) light fixture is always welcome. I think we’ll paint it, since our ceilings are all white. The chipping paint is very shabby chic, but I am afraid the fixture would disappear against all the white behind it. It’s far to cute to camouflage.
There’s a secret to finding good deals on Ebay. I keep an eye on lighting fixtures and other obsessions by setting up Favorite Searches. It’s a great way to find bargains… you receive regular emails that update you on new items that match your favorite searches.
Ebay gives pretty clear details on how to set up and track your favorites, so I’ll let them do the explaining:
It’s a more passive way of browsing what’s out there (no need to constantly check to see what’s new) and if you set up detailed searches then you’ll find some great stuff that other people overlook!

Comments, Thoughts, and Feedback

Linda had this to say on 02.22.07:

It will look great painted a color that would make it pop. Nice find!

Kristin had this to say on 02.22.07:

I agree about the favorites searches, though I have too many! :)

Cute light. I bought several vintage lights for cheap on eBay a while back but never got them rewired. They’re just hanging out in the front bedroom with all the other stuff I don’t know what to do with.

Greg had this to say on 02.22.07:

Nice! I have two of those exact same fixture in the stairwell of my 1920s apartments over the garage.

I bought all of the lighting for the new bathroom on Ebay. A friend of mine owns an antique store in town and she told me “any period sconce with the original shade will be $100 minimum”. I got a matching pair of 1890s wall sconces, with original shades and already rewired, for $86 including shipping! Ka-ching!

B had this to say on 02.22.07:

I just saw a similar fixture on a CT salvage dealers website marked $35.00

Good score!

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