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William Morris Tapestries

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When I win the next Powerball, I’ll have enough dream items bookmarked to easily blow the $254 million. It seems like every day I come across something fantastic (and fantastically expensive).

Damn the internet; if I couldn’t see these things online, I would never know they existed. It’s not like JCPenney carries them. And then I would not secretly pine for ridiculous fancy-schmanciness. I could happily live a life of simplicity if not for the constant stream of “oh my god that’s amazing” coming through my ethernet cable.

So, here’s another one for the dream house: William Morris tapestries.
William Morris Tapestries

William Morris Tapestries

For those of you who don’t know the name, William Morris was a very influential designer and one of the principal founders of the British Arts and Crafts movement. He’s well known for his wallpaper designs and fabric patterns. I love his use of color, and have pulled his color schemes for various rooms throught the house. His work is great inspiration!
They also have some nice Art Noveau picks, like this one called Spring:

Art Noveau Tapestries

The prices are not so horrible as to be unmentionable – smaller ones can be bought in the $100 – $300 dollar range. The bigger ones are $1k plus, though. So find a small wall space and fill it with gorgeousness!

Comments, Thoughts, and Feedback

michelle had this to say on 02.02.07:

You may want to check out they have some STUNNING reproductions done on cotton paper so they don’t have that “poster” look to them. There are two by Mucha that are very similar to the Art Nouveau one you posted above.

Poppy had this to say on 02.02.07:

I followed the link michelle provided and oops a lovely reproduction entitled Flirt is on its way to my house :)

Thanks for the tip :)

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