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Work Weekend

Major Projects

It’s hard to believe we’ve been living in our house for less than a week. Scrubbing every surface in sight must have made me to develop an intense attachment to the place, because it already feels like home.

Tonight Teague and I are taking a much-needed break from the house, and plan to see The Incredibles…. but tomorrow will be a work day, and we’ve got a list of things to get done.


  • Replace 10′ of cracked pipe running from the upstairs bathroom
  • Start to jack up the house
  • Re-caulk the upstairs bathtub (the current caulk is cracked and falling off in big chunks)
  • Fence in a small area outside for the dogs
  • Remove any leftover carpet staples and nails from the downstairs hardwoods

Comments, Thoughts, and Feedback

Donald Wagner had this to say on 11.12.04:

Nov 12, 2004
What! You’ve only been in the house a week and you’re taking a “break” already??? Forget the Incredibles, and spend the evening eating popcorn and pulling staples. Sleep when you’re old. Let’s get this house Italianate looking.


Anonymous had this to say on 11.15.04:

I don’t think I could stand anymore staple pulling than I did this weekend. My goal is to keep us from getting so obsessed with the house that we neglect all the other parts of our lives. Movie night (complete with dollar store candy) is necessary for my sanity! Thanks for all your help this weekend, don’t know what we’d do without the buckets of help we’ve been lucky enough to receive from our families.

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