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Now that we’re not working 24/7 on our house, the blog is getting a little lackluster…. time to branch out a bit and start moving beyond the “here’s what we did, ain’t it great?!” posts I guess.

So unless you all hate it, I’m going to start a weekly “Worth a Look” post with links to good stuff elsewhere on the web.

This week’s finds:

9 Creative Staircases
You’ve probably seen the “storage staircase”, which hides a drawer beneath each step. But have you seen the staircase slide (a child’s dream come true) or the staircase built inside a giant log?

Sustaining Self-Motivation
Make no mistake – even if you’re passionately in love with your house, it’s hard to keep yourself motivated when the excitement wears off and the work drags on. This article has some good tips for powering through.
An online color database, specializing in the display / search / cross-matching of colors from a variety of products such as paint, stain, and grout. Cool feature? Select a color you like, then hit “Match this color” to see the closest matches from other brands.

Bringing Down the House
Last but not least, Stanley Tools shows how quickly demolition work gets done with the right tools… which is why we have a strict “no demo unless we’re both home” rule. Because when your adrenaline is pumping and a crowbar is in your hands, it’s VERY easy to get carried away…

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Bethany had this to say on 11.07.07:

You might want to take a look at the videos at, especially the free video series on built-in cabinetry. This is my husband’s site, and though I know I’m biased, it’s quality stuff.

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