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You guys will appreciate this…


Take a look at our state-of-the-art dustbag for the mitre saw. Why spend all that money on fancy attachments when you can just wrap some masking tape and paper towels into a makeshift pouch? This, my friends, is Wagner ingenuity at it’s finest. On par with another of our budget-friendly solutions, the homemade scaffolding.

Why are we playing with tools on our new kitchen floor? Because we’re adding crown molding. And let me tell you – the money spent on molding is totally worth it. Teague put a few pieces up last night, and our ragged, uneven looking cabinets look much nicer now. See for yourself:

Comments, Thoughts, and Feedback

erilyn had this to say on 10.26.05:

Wow, looks good. Your whole kitchen, actually. =)

Alex had this to say on 10.27.05:

Crown on cabinets do make sure a HUGE difference. That is an upcoming project in our house as well. Funny that we have already redone the entire kitchen twice in three years, even though we will be totally tearing it out in another two years.

As for the miter saw dust bag, I end up doing pretty much the same, but a little different. Once that bag fills up, there is dust all over again. So when I am not in the mood to lug the shopvac with the saw in order to suck up the dust, I just bring along the shopvac hose, seperate from the vac. Then the hose provides ample room for the dust to blow in and take up space. Then about a week or two later when I pick up the hose to take somewhere else, forgetting that I’ve loaded it with dust and haven’t attached it to the vac again, I dump it all over the place. It is really a good system, I assure you.

K. had this to say on 10.27.05:

That looks so good. Awful question: you’re using wood molding? Or the cheaper/fake kind?

JimV had this to say on 10.28.05:

Hey guys, the place is looking great. I love the site too, its fun to through.

Its amazing what you can come up with when you have to do the best you can with what you’ve got. Nothing beats a little ingenuity.

I added your link to my page that I just started. Keep up the hard work, I enjoy reading about it.

mindy had this to say on 10.31.05:


Great system! Many of my “fixes” end up making a bigger mess in the end, too. Ah well, at least we try.

Hi K –
It’s actual wood molding – we decided that the other stuff might be too flimsy, since we tend to manhandle things.

Jim – Welcome to the blogosphere!


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