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A smarter paintbrush

Tips & Tools

So as you may have noticed, I really like painting. White walls offend my senses. I like lots and lots of saturated color. No pastels here! It all comes down to my twisted obsession with color and drastic, “big wow” changes. Someday, when I can afford fancy-schmancy hair salons, I’ll be one of those women who dyes her hair a different shade every few weeks.

When a rep from EZ Paint Tools asked me to test-drive their product, an easier-to-clean paint brush, I was all “I’m your girl”. And when it arrived, I marveled at it’s lovely bristles, which are surprisingly high-quality considering the reasonable price.

EZ Paint Brush

The brush is designed to screw on to a garden hose. When you’re done painting, you put it on the hose, run it for a few minute, and voila – clean! The cleaning starts right at the base of the bristles, unlike traditional brushes. No futzing around trying to get paint from way down near the handle, which is where you waste all your time, energy, and water.

I was impressed by the quality of the bristles. Neither of us like the handle shape as much as our traditional brushes, but that part cannot really be avoided. I will be grabbing this brush in the future for quick touch-ups and smaller jobs because the plastic handle is worth dealing with for the extremely fast clean-up!

If you’re the type that will throw out a brush rather than wash it (tsk, tsk) you should get yourself one of these. It will help you to be a little greener.

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Comments, Thoughts, and Feedback

jamaila had this to say on 10.11.07:

I’m not reading, I’m just commenting! My hand is over the top of the screen! Ours just came in the mail today, we’re going to paint something probably next weekend (you are way more efficient than I am, note that I’m not going to be doing this until riiiiiiight before the deadline). Must not read yours, mustn’t be biased in any way! ;)

Kristing had this to say on 10.27.07:

You beat me to it! Glad to hear it works. I hate-hate-hate cleaning paintbrushes, so this sounds like the perfect tool for me, but I haven’t had a chance to try it yet.

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