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Back from Brimfield…


…with money to spare!

Considering how many cool, unique, and fairly priced antiques we wandered past this weekend, I am truly amazed that we left Massachusetts with money left for tolls. We had a great weekend and definitely enjoyed our trip.

We rolled into town Friday afternoon, pitched our tent at the Village Green, and did some surveying from the truck before making our way to Applebees for our Housebloggers meet-up with Gary (of This Old Crack House), Derek (of Brockton Bungalow), and their families.

Finally meeting these people face-to-face and having a table full of house lovers to talk technique and obsession with was a surreal experience. As Derek said, we know WAY too much about each other’s lives considering we’d only just met. We stayed far too long for our waitress, who could not be bothered to offer up dessert or coffee even though it was obvious we’d be staying a while. The night finally broke up when Elizabeth, who had been an absolute angel all night, decided to prove her father was not a liar. Neighboring tables were shocked by how quickly she went from a dimple-faced doll to a typical screaming, writhing 3-year-old. I would have pitched a fit too, if I were her. There’s only so much shellac talk one should engage in, and we were well over limit.

Saturday was spent at the antique show, where we sweat and sweat and sweat some more. We spent a few hours getting comfortable with the dealers and familiar with prices, and a few more hours picking things up and putting them back down. We did make one large purchase – something we fell in love with and just had to haul back. I’ll share details tomorrow since I haven’t had time to take good photos yet!

A few favorite finds:

The coolest coat rack, and it would fit in a very small space. Too bad it was almost $3k.

Antique Coatrack

This statue reminds me of my mother’s snippy Pekingese, Lilly. Only cuter, with less underbite.

Scary Dog Statue

Ribbons, buttons, and embellishments of all kinds arranged in the most beautiful way. A designer’s dream – this is what I want my craft room to look like someday. Without a doubt the prettiest booth we saw all weekend.

Bushels of Buttons

Can you guess what this is? It’s a sample version of the famed purple tub that our buddy Tom owns! If you look in the lower-left hand corner you can see the tag attached to it, which will give you an idea of the scale. If it hadn’t been $300, we definitely would have brought it home for them.
Antique tub sample

Stay tuned, I’ll snap some photos of our big purchase and post them soon.

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