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Sneak peak: Craft room wall color

Craft Room

Craft room, primed

Guess what? The craft/laundry room got a fresh coat of paint on Monday night! Above is a photo of the room after priming, before paint. Pretty boring, right? But ohhhhhh….. you should see it now!

I’m beyond excited. I haven’t had full use of my craft room (a big, lovely open space for making large and small messes) in about a year and a half. For a while, my brother Cody was living upstairs and my craft room became his kitchen/dining area. Then, we tore apart the upstairs and left it torn apart for about a year. In the meantime, I’ve been hoarding my supplies in our downstairs office. But it’s got a newly refinished floor and no room to spread out, so very little creative energy has been spent there.

I’ve always been into arts and crafts. My grandmother is an artist, and her creativity and love of art definitely trickled down to me. I’m not nearly as good as she is, but she has a few years on me. Maybe I’ll catch up one day ;)

I don’t stick to one media; I bounce from project to project. I’ve dabbled in everything – quilting, screenprinting, stained glass, painting, collage and paper crafts… I even make my own lawn decorations. Because I can’t commit to a single craft, my arsenal of supplies has become quite expansive over the years. Which is why I require an entire room to house them. Luckily, we have not one but THREE unused rooms at the moment; space is not really an issue for us!

I’m working on pulling the room together now, so I don’t want to give too much away. But here’s a sneak peak at the color I chose:
Sneak peak at the new paint color

As you’ve probably noticed, I’m a fan of green. We have a green kitchen and two green bathrooms. I ALMOST painted this room a nice light blue since we’ve got so much green elsewhere, but in the end I decided it’s my zen room so I deserve to paint it whatever color I want. And the color I wanted was a relaxing-yet-energetic limey green. It’s not for everyone, but I think it looks great!

Stay tuned for “After” photos once I get my moutain of supplies organized.

Comments, Thoughts, and Feedback

Victoria had this to say on 04.18.07:


Mary Beth had this to say on 04.18.07:

Can’t wait to see your after photos. One lake west (I think, my geography is a little rusty this time of night) I’m also moving into my craft room in our 1866 Italianate. I’m an equal opportunity crafter too, though no stained glass or screenprinting for me yet.

John had this to say on 04.19.07:

Well, I like it. It’s nearly identical to the color we picked for our master bathroom, so I may be biased.

colleen had this to say on 04.19.07:

i like the color but i have dif shades of green in all rooms in my house. the crafting thing can make such a mess and not everyone can do the martha thing. money plus space. ikea has such cool organizers tho. good luck, its really like a big pretty closet tho

Katherine had this to say on 04.19.07:

Oohh…I really like the green!

merideth had this to say on 04.22.07:

i’m so jealous that you even HAVE a craft room!

Kristin had this to say on 04.26.07:

That’s the perfect shade of green!

Laura Lee had this to say on 11.08.07:

My daughter wants that color for her bedroom. Could you tell me what color that is. Thank you.

Mindy had this to say on 11.10.07:

Hi Lauralee –

The color is Crushed Cumin from Valspar – which is carried at Lowe’s.

The # is 6008-6A

I absolutely love this color, it’s fresh and bright and kinda earthy all at the same time. And although Teague wasn’t sure about it when he saw the swatch, he agrees it looks great on the walls ;)

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