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Cima - Designer Ladder

It’s things like the CIMA ladder that make me want to become an industrial designer. Call me superficial, but I would trade our beat up old wooden ladder for this lime beauty any day – and it doesn’t even have a place to put my paint bucket.

It could never do the job of our Werner multi-use ladder  (which I love and cherish, despite the fact that it’s a little too heavy for me to one-arm) but it’d make the perfect light-bulb-changing, cobweb-dusting, quick-reach tool. You could leave it in the living room and call it art instead of dragging it out of the basement when the need arises. Too bad it’s still in the concept stages because I have a real thing for green. And tools. Green tools? Heavenly.

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Patricia W. had this to say on 08.24.07:

Knowing me, I’d put my foot down in the middle and miss a rung! or whatever those are called!

colleen had this to say on 08.27.07:

that thing is a work of art!!! i esp like the color. ive got green in every room of my home .

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