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Finally – A New Faucet!


Back in January, we got all exicted about a fancy Pegasus kitchen faucet we bought at Home Depot – only to find that the spayer handle leaked, persistantly, even with replacement parts. You can read about the debacle here.

With budget problems mounting, we decided to leave well enough alone for a while and put the old faucet back in it’s spot. It looked none-too-impressive with our nice new sink and countertop, but worked just fine.

So since January, it’s looked like this:

Old Kitchen Faucet

But a few days ago, we got our brand new Belle Foret faucet from (faucet found here). The difference between this set and the Pegasus one is HUGE. It’s nice and heavy, very well crafted, and best of all NO LEAKS! We got it in oil-rubbed bronze to match the tin backsplash (salvaged from the old kitchen ceiling). We were psyched to finally make the upgrade.

New kitchen faucet, Belle Foret

And actually, the Belle Foret faucet was almost exactly the same price as the Pegasus one. Lesson learned? It pays to break out of the big-box stores every once in a while.

Comments, Thoughts, and Feedback

Becky had this to say on 05.24.06:

Oooooh! Puuuuurdy!

colleen had this to say on 05.27.06:

verrry nice. i really like the backplash as well goes so well with your theme.
my sink same as yours goes into today yipee!!!!! also i went with the wood counter saved soooo much money and i really like the rustic look

Kristin had this to say on 05.30.06:

The faucet part looks like ours, but you have cooler knobs. Very pretty!

Lorraine had this to say on 03.20.07:


I’ve been considering the Bell Forte for our new kitchen faucet. It’s the prettiest design we’ve seen yet. However, I’ve been unsuccessful getting info on the faucet. Do you know where it was made? Also, the inner workings… type of faucet and what the type of material is on the inside of the faucet. Even though it looks great, I wouldn’t have to replace it in a couple years because of not finding parts or poor construction or materials. OOOHH, please respond, thank you.

Nancy Daniels had this to say on 06.27.07:

I have this nice Pegasus kitchen faucet that is less than 2 years old. The sprayer handle fell off. I went to Home Deopt to get the replacement part. No luck. They let me look in the catalogue to get the model number 856 00104. I was told to call Pegasus at 888-328-2383. They never made that faucet and told me there is another Pegasus at 826-863-1500. That number dosen’t work.
Pegasus website has no search bar. The contact us on Pegasus takes you to Home Depot.
So do you suppose I ought to go buy a whole new Pegasus faucet. They don’t seem to sell replacement parts a la carte.
I am stumped here. I actually can’t find replacement sprayers of any sort.

Ron Harper had this to say on 06.25.09:

Interesting, in that I have had the same experience in roughly the same time span with the same brand and supplier.

Home Depot employee tells me that Pegasus is their “house brand” I don’t know if that is true or not. The faucet has a lifetime guarantee and when I searched my home for it, I found the parts list but even that does not have hte name on it. I intend to uninstall the entire rig and take it back to Home Depot and either get a new one or cause a scene.

wakecowboy had this to say on 12.16.09:

i installed a very nice Pegasus kitchen sink faucet and two bathroom sink faucets…and i really like them…the total price was about 500 bucks. i moved out and rented the place and my idiot renters (don’t ask me how, cause God only knows) lost the little fancy knobs off the top of the plug-droppers!
Am trying to fix the place up again so i can sell it and can not find Pegasus replacement parts anywhere…its like they don’t exist unless you want to buy the whole faucet.
i almost nabbed two of them fancy plug-dropper-knob-puller-tops (or whatever the heck you call them) off from a couple of the display models at Home Depot the other day….i unscrewed ’em and had ’em in my hand….it would have been so easy to just pocket ’em ……..
but dangit! It being so close to Christmas, i just couldn’t do it with a clear conscience.

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