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Happy Howl-oween!


We’ve got a long-standing tradition at the Fixer-Upper house. Every Christmas, we dress the dogs up in stupid costumes and force them to pose for photos. Nero, the min pin, has an effeminate side and absolutely loves showing off his new outfits. He’ll even wink on cue. But Bruiser, the chihuahua mutt, freezes up completely, horrified by the “fat man in a little coat” effect they so often have on him. This year, I decided to humiliate them both a little earlier by getting them Halloween costumes.

I do this not because I’m a person who accessorizes with live animals, but because it’s the best laugh I get all year. And since I cuddle them and walk them and let them lick me incessantly even though it grates on my every last nerve, I feel I’m entitled to a laugh at their expense every now and then.

And why not share the laughter with the entire world? I’m sure Bruiser won’t mind.

Sad and embarrassed

Little Lobster

The costumes are from Target. The Frankenstein head is hilarious… it looked even funnier on my mother’s dog, Lilly, a pekingese with no sense of humor. Here she is glaring angrily and wishing we’d all die slow and painful deaths, or at least stop laughing long enough to take the hat off her:

Lilly's Halloween Costume

Hope everyone has a Happy Halloween!

Comments, Thoughts, and Feedback

Sandy had this to say on 10.31.07:

Your post is so funny! Poor little dogs. *grin* The look on the face of your Mother’s dog is priceless!

Leah had this to say on 10.31.07:

that last dog is hysterical. too bad it’s not a horizontal photo or it could be my desktop photo ;)

Kristin had this to say on 10.31.07:

Ha! Love the pics. We ordered Millie a bumblebee costume, but the manufacturer didn’t send it. Darnit! With her black fur and hyper personality, she would’ve made a lovely bee.

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