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Santa baby….


In keeping with our annual Christmas tradition, I present to you Little Dogs In Goofy Outfits Part III:

Winking Min Pin

I can’t get Nero to sit, stay, or stop peeing in the house. But bring out the camera and he starts winking like a trained professional. Watch out, ladies – he’s feeling frisky.
Snowman Chihuahua

Bruiser thought the snowman getup made him look fat. He was so embarrassed, he refused to look at the camera. I didn’t have the heart to tell him about the flab roll around his collar.

Can’t get enough of dogs in costumes? Me either – you can find more pics on our Flickr page.
Hope you’re all at home partaking in your own holiday traditions and taking a break from the house-fixing grind. Merry Christmas!

Comments, Thoughts, and Feedback

Kristin had this to say on 12.27.06:

Have you seen my Millie yet? She looks a lot like your Nero. I have a picture of her in an elf hat and one in a sweater on my Flickr page:

She’s shaping up to be a good little poser. Last night I was trying to get a pic of her chewing her Christmas toy, but every time I put the camera in front of her, she sat up straight and looked straight at it!

Mindy had this to say on 12.27.06:

Wow, she is soooooooo cute! If she ever needs a boyfriend, Nero’s available. He’s not the manliest of dogs, but he’s a handsome lad.

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