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Keeping the romance alive


We’re getting close to our 2-year anniversary as house owners, and it’s starting to show. As every day passes, we grow less and less enthusiastic about the gazillion projects left to start (and finish). The wild crush I had on my house has all but disappeared.

It’s not that the excitement hasn’t faded before; it has, many times over. But usually, one of us will get revved up about some new project and the tingly feelings will spread. Soon enough, we’re back to ripping photos out of magazines and keeping each other up at night talking about our plans. But this time, the restlessness is lingering. I find myself blaming things on the house. The house steals our weekends, our energy, our pocket money. It is like a greedy child, always wanting more. And we give in to it’s demands every time.

We’ve forgotten the cardinal rule of renovating, the one I recognized within weeks of moving in and swore I’d stick to. When you’re bogged down in nothing but boring, tiring, sensible work – the kind that does not make a big splash or physically change your surroundings in a way that makes you smile – you HAVE to make time for some fun projects. In the past few months we’ve busied ourselves with basement jacking, rewiring, demolition and roofing. All very worthwhile endeavors, but all incredibly boring. There was no “WOW” factor to them. No one walked in and squealed with glee when they saw that the floor had been raised a half inch on one end. Refinishing the hardwoods was fun, but also so exhausting and disruptive that by the time they were finished we were too tired to enjoy them.

We’ve been living in plaster-dust hell for weeks now, with no end in site. And our next few tasks are roughly as boring as our last……. plans for fall include insulating outer walls and gutting one of the guest bedrooms. In between all the logical projects, we should have treated ourselves to something fun. New light fixtures, maybe, or a small deck out back. Something quick and easy. But the sad part is, I can’t even think of a fun project that’s doable right now, given how fast winter is creeping up on us!

Maybe when we start putting walls back UP in the hallway it’ll be more rewarding. It will stop bits of squirrels nest and fiberglass from falling on our heads each morning, AND we’llo get to pick out a paint color. Let’s hope that’s enough – we need to get the spark back, pronto.

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Kristin had this to say on 09.07.06:

There’s nothing like picking out a paint color to rev up the glee again. :)

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