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Newest closet: an excuse to buy more clothes.

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A great and powerful light should be shining out from within that closet, because this is truly a hallelujah-worthy moment. We have a closet in the master bedroom! No more running from room to room to find my clothes.

(Note to Dad – that’s Cody’s flag up there, he left it at our house. Ours is proudly displayed! Note to readers – my Dad made a series of cool folky flags from salvaged wood and copper. How cool is that?)

I mentioned a few posts back that we were adding another closet.  The first closet went into our craft/laundry room and was filled up within seconds so I couldn’t wait to add another. Old houses are notorious for having no storage, but I think we’re doing pretty good nowadays. Between the two new closets and the kitchen pantry we added a few years ago, we’ve actually got storage space to spare.

I was a bad documenter this time around. I didn’t take a single pic of this as it was being built. Shame on me. I think what’s happened is that I’ve grown so used to construction, it doesn’t amaze me anymore. I used to thrill at the sight of simple things – a new light switch, a doorknob, a fresh coat of paint. Now even big things like a framed up closet seem, well, common place. So much so that I don’t even remember to take photos of our progress. Sorry :(


Here is the closet head-on. We plan to trim out the opening eventually, and I’d like to switch out the knobs for something prettier.  We went with the “upscale” bifolds that come pre-painted in white. I wanted the shutter-style, and couldn’t imagine trying to paint them myself. Well worth the extra money I think.


It’s not a gorgeous hardwood built-in, but it’s lovable nonetheless. ;)

Comments, Thoughts, and Feedback

sandy had this to say on 09.06.07:

Looks great! Our house had 1 closet which Michael promptly gutted to access the bathroom and crawlspace.
We have a third bedroom, which shouldn’t really have been called a bedroom because you have to walk through another bedroom to get into it, so our plan it to make that into our walk-in closet/sitting room. Old houses are fun aren’t they :)

Amy had this to say on 09.08.07:

Yeah! Looks nice and I bet it’s great having clothes in the same room you sleep, lol.

We need to make our tiny closet bigger….someday

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