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Our very first contractor


Aside from Teague, who of course is “in the business“, we have spent the last year and a half on the DIY straight and narrow. No outsiders – just Teague and I (and the occassional family member) pushing through all sorts of crazy projects.

Now, as we’re nearing our floor-sanding days, we’re finding all sorts of little things that we should do in keeping with the “top to bottom” rule of thumb. (Do the ceilings, then walls, then floor!) Most notably, we have lots and lots of trim painting to finish, and the office ceiling needed to be re-sheetrocked to hide some nasty cracks and rough, sandy texture. What can I say – I’m a smooth ceiling kind of gal. Since the last ceiling we did together was kinda painful for me, and it’s definitely a two-man job, we decided to enlist Teague’s work pal Chris to help out.

Chris taught Teague everything he knows about sheetrocking and drywall. He also owns a pair of stilts, which require good balance but allow him to work very quickly (no ladder to move). Given the job will get done quicker, and with less threat of personal injury, the decision was a no-brainer. Plus it frees me up to paint more trim…. yippee.

I’m happy to report that our first contractor experience was a positive one, and the results are looking good! The ceiling was up in a night, and the seams are getting taped today. After that, a little bit of sanding and painting, and it’ll be good to go.

Comments, Thoughts, and Feedback

Trissa had this to say on 04.24.06:

Very exciting- it looks great!

colleen had this to say on 05.04.06:

oh dry wall woes!!! we purchased a newer but unfinished home about 7 yrs ago and spent 10s of thousands to add on and finish one of the things done by amatures was the drywall . also the ceilings are 25 ft high in places. then the house settled. so for the last 7 yrs weve had gluelam beams x2 with gaps between them and the drywall. and 3 corners with the tape practically twisted off. and paint and mud smeared on the beams. my nieghbor is a builder guy and absolutly amazing with patching drywall this is an art! so for about $1000. him and crew fixed the most obnoxius issues. i feel this was a very good investment. and they did this on ladders with jacks.
i really enjoy your blog mindy!! cause we’ve done so many of the same things. even tho our home is much newer there are endless projects

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