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Pick Eutaw


When I tried conning you guys into buying one of the beautiful old houses around here, the response was “Ooooh! So tempting. But what about the snow?”

Yeah. What about the snow?

Normally I’d try to tell you that by early spring, everyone has forgotten about the snow because it’s so idyllic here. I would tell you that when the grass is green and the flowers and trees start blossoming, we all head outdoors and stay there until November. That we are only a few hours from some of the most beautiful places on earth – most notably the Adirondack Mountains but also the Catskill Mountains, Ithaca’s Gorges and the Finger Lakes Wine Trails. That we’re a 1/2 day from three amazing cities, Toronto, Boston and New York. And you’d start to see it all add up. We’d seem less crazy for settling here.

But today I have very little love for my state because we woke up to this:

Snow, Mid-April

View from the front porch

Snow, Mid-April

View from the backyard
So I might want to take Kristin up on her offer to trade houses for a season. And if you’re looking for affordable small town life in a great historic home? Pick Eutaw.

Comments, Thoughts, and Feedback

Stef Noble had this to say on 04.16.07:

I know… I can’t believe I’m hearing the plow out in our lot right now. I love snow, but I’m glad that the temps will be back up by the end of the week…

Leslie had this to say on 04.16.07:

Awww but that’s so pretty!!! And hey, I’d rather have that then the hideous rain and wind we’ve had for the past 36 hours – water, water EVERYWHERE. I don’t dare look in my basement. At least if it were snow we’d get a day (or with that, around here, 2-3 days) off from school/work! Ah, the joys of being a teacher…

Greg had this to say on 04.16.07:

Wow! That looks more like December than April. Let’s hope this is that last of it.

Victoria had this to say on 04.16.07:

YIKES! That’s a lot of snow for April!

I’m so tired of this weather. Yesterday and today the wind here has been wicked! We’ve had so much rain and of course a few days of snow, but nothing like what you have in your photos.

Warmer weather has to come soon…right??? Right???????

Kristin had this to say on 04.16.07:

Hee hee. No snow here! But a warning to all who contemplate moving to Alabama: we have gigantic cockroaches.

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