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Spare bedroom #1 – drywall repair

Second Floor Basics

We have been cranking through some of our more boring projects, hence my lack o’ interesting posts. I mean, how many times can I complain about drywall sanding before someone comes to the house and cuts my Road Runner cable just to shut me up?

As I mentioned in this post, we’ve been working on one of our spare bedrooms. Our house has 3 bedrooms and the “craft room” upstairs. We’ll call this Spare Bedroom #1. At about 10×12, it’s smaller than the master but bigger than the other spare bedroom.

It had a crumbling plaster ceiling, so that came out and a new sheet rock ceiling got put in. Also, the top foot or so of plaster had been destroyed by drop-ceiling framing (all those nails made the plaster disintegrate), so we went in and cut out the bad areas with a circular saw. This tactic actually worked fabulously.

Drywall patch

Above, you can see how we cut out the bad bits. Below, the same area – now repaired and painted. It blends with the old stuff pretty well, although it is quite a bit smoother than the original plaster. But way up there at 10′, the difference would not be noticeable to your average human being.

Spare bedroom #1 - New ceiling

I’d give you a full “after”, but we’ve got the room crammed with stuff because we immediately moved on to Spare Bedroom #2, formerly known as the room that held all our random crap. #2 needs a new ceiling and new walls so it had to get completely cleared out. Guess where everything went?

Comments, Thoughts, and Feedback

Eilis had this to say on 07.17.07:

Looking great! Now, reward yourself with a brand new home in sunny NC! :) You guys can hang the drywall at other people’s homes and relax at night! had this to say on 07.17.07:

It turned out great! I dont envy you one bit. While I didnt do new ceilings, I know how tough it is to sand things upside down.

We had some pretty bad cracks on the ceiling and upper areas of our walls and to save time (in-laws were arriving from europe) I patched and taped all cracks and feathered everything out. Came out pretty good…

Amy had this to say on 07.18.07:

We need to do that in our house too. I HATE plaster dust everywhere so the project isn’t done yet ;)

Kristin had this to say on 07.27.07:

Looks awesome! We also have a room that holds all our random crap. Actually, we have a few of those. Don’t tell my mother.

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