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The bungalow


As promised, I’m posting photos of the beautiful bungalow that the garage will one day match. The owners are restoration enthusiasts and have excellent taste, as you can tell from their color scheme. They were once the owners of my FAVORITE italianate in our neighborhood, pictured in this old post (first house shown).

They have been very helpful throughout our renovations, sending Teague home with Victorian Homes magazines, new plants, and all sorts of great ideas!

Here is the front of their house, newly painted last summer:

Bungalow Paint Scheme, front

I love the bushes lining their walkway – we’ve got plans to do this someday when money allows.

Here is the house from the side – it’s much larger than it looks from the front:
Bungalow Paint Scheme, side

We’re starting to collect house photos with nice color schemes, since exterior paint is in our future. Anyone have any favorites they would like to share with the world?

Comments, Thoughts, and Feedback

Greg had this to say on 07.30.06:

That is sooooo nice. It is just picture perfect.

As for color schemes, I’m partial to green….I wonder why?

lisa had this to say on 07.31.06:

wow–that really is spectacular.
one afternoon, we were walking to our favorite neighborhood restaurant in a meandering sort of way, not along our usual blocks, and came out behind a particularly beautiful bungalow amazingly like this one (you’re not in pittsburgh, are you?), and it quite literally took my breath away. i just couldn’t take my eyes off of it, couldn’t move my feet, planted in the ground for several minutes, as i gazed up at it. when i finally could move, it was only to move to different vantage points around it. houses like this, you just want to soak in, don’t you? imagine living in a house like that. i wonder if you come home feeling like that every night.

Trevor P. had this to say on 07.19.09:

Great house. I’ve been reading up on colours of these magnificent homes. You could search out the web and check www, which is an amazing resource. As for exterior paint in your future…if you apply a thin dark brown glaze over the mill work (now painted a bright red) you might come closer to the vermiion colour of authentic 1920’s. It’s a trick used to mimick the shelac added to paint of that era that gives colours of that period a warm look.

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