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Diary, Major Projects

We’ve been avoiding some of our bigger projects lately. Feeling guilty? Me? Always. Anyway…

Our next BIG project is the master bathroom. It’s big in a few ways; big money, big changes, big investment of time and energy. So while we should be planning for it, we’re avoiding it instead. The only real step we’ve taken is to sketch out the existing layout of the bathroom and the upstairs “kitchen” – a large room adjoining the bathroom that is pretty much unused, save for the washer and dryer that reside there. The room is very long, so the plan is to steal some of it’s space to make the master bathroom bigger. We’re also planning a small laundry room that connects to the bathroom.
This means knocking down existing walls, putting new ones up, and rerouting some plumbing. Good times. We’ll be ripping everything that exists out, including the nasty old shower, the 70’s cabinet and sink, and the linoleum we threw down for the sake of hygiene. Lest you’ve forgotten, our master bathroom looked like this when we moved in. We made a few minor upgrades last fall when my brother came to stay with us.

Aside from all the new walls and whatnot, our basic plan calls for a new tub/shower (perhaps a clawfoot, if I can get Teague to agree to dragging one up the stairs), a new tile floor, and a new sink and vanity. And probably additional storage of some kind.

We have a very nice exposed shower fixture (like this) that we can use with a clawfoot OR save for our downstairs stand-up shower (on the to-do list for sometime this decade). We also have a really cool toilet flush lever just waiting to get installed. Other than that, we haven’t purchased any materials yet…….. so we’ve got some saving to do.

We’ll be asking for opinions in the weeks to come, I’m sure. Hopefully we’ll get our floorplan ideas worked out this weekend, and we’ll post them for critique!

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Kristin had this to say on 10.10.06:

Wow, that’s a cool shower fixture! I’ve never seen one like that.

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