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Burned by the Wall Street Journal

One more reason to be wary of the press… one of our favorite housebloggers, Kristin of 1902 Victorian, was recently tricked by a writer for the WSJ. She unwittingly became part of a none-too-flattering story about DIY’ers gone wild. The story, which Kristin understood to be about the camraderie and community surrounding a “renovation party”, […]

Ancient air conditioning?

My friend Joe and I were walking around town the other day, snapping pics of my lovely little neighborhood. We just happened to notice this crazy old air conditioning unit outside of an apartment building on our main street. It sits upon two extra-strength, extra-fancy brackets – and as you can see, it’s a battle […]

Flipping houses the safe way

Got about eight trillion hours to spend clicking around on the internet? Then do I have a game for you – Mansion Impossible. Go flip the little houses while the market is up to build wealth. So simple, so additive.  http://3form.net/mansion_impossible/

A furry barometer

The hotter the day, the further his legs splay out behind him. Today it’s 95ish and humid. I just got done mowing the lawn, so I’m getting ready to suck down some popsicles and join him on the cold tile floor. Frogman, recuperating from a hard morning spent doing absolutely positively nothing.   Really, really […]

DIY Stenciling

Ariana of Becoming Home is truly a woman after my own heart… she’s decided to save herself a few dollars and make her own wall stencil. I’m going to bookmark this one, because that idea has been floating around in my head for quite a while but I’ve been too busy to actually start it. […]

What brings me joy…

As a designer-slash-organization enthusiast, I’ve been coveting the Just Organize Your Stuff (JOYS) system since the day I saw it. It’s productivity porn at it’s finest. And it’s so very lovely looking. Forget those plain-jane Franklin Covey binders with a calendar and some notepads. This thing is much more functional (and lovely. did I mention […]

Put ’em to work early

There’s no escaping work here at Fixer-Upper. Even if you’re a guest. And a baby. This beautiful babe visited us last night, and managed to find every single safety hazard in our backyard in a matter of minutes. Garden spade… ladder… big hunk of wood resting against the shed.. yep, she found them all. I […]


Note to those thinking of buying a fixer-upper: it takes a toll on your outward appearance. I was the proud owner of some really beautiful shapely fingernails for about 24 hours. My sister-in-law’s bachelorette party was on Saturday, and we hit a local spa for some serious pampering. (Soooo much fun, so very needed.) I […]

Something squishy underfoot

Judging by the deafening silence over here at Fixer-Upper, you probably think we’re whiling away the summer hours making s’mores and drinking cold beers out on the porch. I won’t lie – we’ve had a few s’mores. But we’ve been working HARD on the house lately. Harder than we’ve ever worked, perhaps…. or at least […]

Flipping Out – Bravo beats HGTV

I can’t walk down the street without critiquing the entire neighborhood while simultaneously taking mental notes on the features we want to emulate. So I spend a good portion of our TV time flipping between remodeling shows on HGTV and TLC – especially now that Grey’s and The Office aren’t in season. Some of those […]