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Rewiring our house: a post-mortem

We took advantage of the long weekend (and the exposed hallway walls/ceiling) to finish rewiring all of the upstairs electrical. This is a major milestone for us. Finally checking “Electrical” off the to-do list, after nearly two years of fiddling, is extremely satisfying. I love drawing a nice thick line through something huge like that. […]

How-To’s, On Video

Sometimes, it’s really hard to explain something with just words and photos. Static text is limiting! At some point we’ll probably get all fancy and add some how-to videos to our site. Until we get our act together, check out the DIY section of VideoJug for some great tutorials, including gems such as: How to […]

Removing stain from wood – best route?

This is a plea for expert opinions from all you smarty-pants wood strippers out there… A coworker of mine is wondering how best to remove stain from woodwork in his house. Everything I’ve stripped has involved paint, shellac, or a combination of both, so my favorite route has always been the heat gun (if I […]

Painting Tips

Once again, we spent the weekend painting. What can I say – we like color. Alot. This time, we took the dining room out of the pink and into something a little more natural. After much speculation and a few heated arguments, we decided to paint the top half of the room with Sherwin William’s […]

Hardwood floor repair – it’s a start!

After our salvage shop trip on Saturday, we came home and ripped into the floors. Having the energy to start a new project after a long day of driving can only mean one thing – our motivation is back. Let the games begin. Out went the rotted bits under the radiator, and about 10 cupped […]

Determining a house’s worth

Wondering how much that drippy Victorian you drool over will sell for, or how much your neighbors’ house is assessed at? A house’s worth can be calculated many ways, and often times money has nothing to do with it. But still….. it’s nice to know about the money part. Zillow ( www.zillow.com), an online real […]

Drywall finishing technique

Teague spent a few minutes last night adding a new corner-bead to a wobbley wall edge. Watching him work, I realize that my drywall finishing technique is truly horribly by comparison. I can’t feel too bad – he’s been getting lots of practice lately at his day job. Lucky for me, I got a play-by-play […]

A tech-talk mini break

Bear with me while I put on my web geek hat for a moment. This post isn’t house related but it *is* house-blogger related. For months, I’ve been meaning to write about using feed readers like Bloglines, which allow you to “collect” all the latest posts from your favorite blogs (like us, of course) in […]

Super-girly shower curtain

Last spring, we received a lovely shower curtain from my cousin and his wife. It was a wedding gift, and I adored it. And then, like everything else we own, dirty grimey handprints somehow magically appeared on it. So, I washed it. You would think a shower curtain would be machine-washable, but NO…. after one […]

Living with laminate furniture

If you’re transitioning your furniture style from college chic to all-grown-up, you’ve probably got more than a few laminate furniture pieces in your house. And you’re probably sick of looking at their ugly mugs. Right? Well, Ask MetaFilter has a pretty good round-up of suggestions for painting over them, including one at the bottom to […]