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Choosing a clawfoot tub shower

First and foremost, let me stress what a total debacle this endeavor was. Why the troubles? Perhaps because Teague and I are know-it-alls, and decided we didn’t need any help choosing the right shower. Or because we ordered the shower about a year ago, before we had a tub in our possession or any type […]

Cool office idea: Chalkboard Calendar

Saw this on the Martha Stewart site and had to pass it along – it’d be easy to create, and extremely useful (around our house at least). It’s a giant wal-sized calendar, painted using chalkboard paint. With such a large space to writ ein, you could write down your appointments, memos, to-dos, etc… and they’d […]

Using milk paint to rejuvenate a thrifted dresser

Choosing a vanity for the master bathroom was a drawn out process – much like any design decision I’m involved in. We looked at all sorts of store-bought vanities, but nothing in our price range screamed “take me home”. We looked at antiques, but didn’t want to put a hole in anything too valuable and […]

Clawfoot tub refinishing

As you may recall, we were thrilled to pick up a salvaged clawfoot tub a few weeks ago. We still haven’t gotten to the cleaning stage yet, but I’ve already lept ahead to the refinishing process because I love me some research. There are basically three parts of the tub that need restoring, and each […]

Hidey-holes and secret rooms

Us housebloggers have discussed our love of secret hiding spaces before… maybe we watched too much Webster growing up. Maybe it’s the uniqueness of it that appeals to us. Or maybe it’s just an unconscious desire to have once place that feels safe and private in an age when privacy is anything but. Whatever the […]


This is going to be a random, but useful, post. I’ve been coming across some good stuff lately, so I thought it was time to share some links with all of you…. Last weekend, we installed new baseboards in the kitchen. We were too lazy to share the full process, but This Old House has […]

DIY Tombstones to Haunt Your House

I’m a huge fan of Halloween. Anyone who knows me can attest to this. So can the neighbors, the people who own the masquerade store, my dogs (who have their own costumes), and the pumpkin farm we drop loads of cash at every year. It’s my favorite holiday, mostly because it involves costumes. I love […]

Winterizing Salvaged French Doors

When we bought our salvaged french doors from Historic House parts two springs ago, we knew they wouldn’t be great for the frigid Upstate winters. They’re single-pane glass, and they could really use new glazing. They weren’t built to be exterior doors, but we just didn’t care. They’re beautiful, they let in tons of light […]

An easier way to get drywall on the ceiling

In the past, we’ve always used two ladders, a deadman, and our heads to hoist giant sheets of drywall when doing ceilings. It’s not a fun way to do it, and it has caused a few minor injuries in the past. This past weekend we finally got smart and rented our first drywall jack. I […]

Blown-In Insulation: Step by step

Pfft. Let me begin by saying that this whole blown-in insulation project goes down in Fixer-Upper history as one of our least favorite. Ever. Which is saying a lot. It wasn’t one thing, but a combination of lots of little annoying things that made it suck so bad. On Saturday morning Teague drove out to […]