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Ikea Photo-Essay

This past weekend, a good friend and I took a trip to Toronto to visit the zoo, where we spent a good long while trying to get the animals to pay attention to us, or at least come out from behind the rocks for a split second so we could tell our friends what a […]

Pressing on……..

We’re still working on the kitchen exterior, which seems to be consuming our lives. It’s painful how long this project has taken, because we’re both pretty much bored to tears at this point. I keep saying “we’re getting so close!” only to find that there are ten zillion other small details I’ve managed to forget […]

Kitchen lust

With each new course of clapboard we nail into the exterior of the kitchen addition, we get closer and closer to tackling the INTERIOR. If you haven’t started renovating your kitchen yet, be prepared for the giant pile of decisions to be made. It’s not like the living room, where a paint chip and a […]

A new view

Another big milestone reached – the french doors are finally in, and WOW, do they make a difference. Now the back side of the house has some character, and the kitchen has lots and lots of sunlight. I’m still glad we chose old doors, but they did bring a few unexpected challenges. One door has […]

Goodbye, wall – hello world!

This morning, I felt very at one with nature. You wouldn’t believe the kind of sunlight you get when you take out a wall. Yesterday, we knocked out the back wall of the kitchen. We had to knock it out before we put the french doors in so that we could lay down the floor […]

Roofing, siding and stripping (oh my)

Like many of our fellow housebloggers, we had a productive weekend. The garage sale was a bust despite my 6 brightly-colored signs and newspaper ad, but we donated most of the leftovers so they will live on in someone else’s house. Ours is one ounce less messy, and that’s enough to make me happy. And […]

Re-installing clapboard siding

Guess what? We’re re-siding! I love it. It’s time to put the clapboard siding back onto the kitchen, and Teague laid the first few tracks to make sure they were straight and level. Hopefully I’ll finally be able to contribute, since he’ll be working all weekend. It’s kind of like putting a puzzle together. There’s […]

Even a heat wave won’t slow him down

As many housebloggers have noted, temperatures in the Northeast are so high that I’m fully expecting to burst into flames at any moment. While all of the sane people locked themselves in an air-conditioned room and are sipping iced tea until the heat subsides, we continue to soldier on (somewhat). On Saturday, Teague framed up […]

Back to reality

How is it one transitions smoothly from this fantasy world… To this reality? After two weeks of nice restaurants, lush landscapes, maids (and moms!) cleaning up after us, and no alarm clocks, we weren’t sure we wanted to come back. But we missed the dogs, and the house, and our quiet little street. It felt […]

Things are taking shape

While I’ve been too doped up on prednisone and bennadryl to think straight, Teague has managed to be very productive. Yesterday he started putting up plywood sheets, which we’ll be attaching the clapboard to. Almost looks like a real room! His energy and talent never ceases to amaze me. ;)