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The root of remodeling stress

The other day, I finally figured out why this project was stressing me out so much. It wasn’t the mess, or the expense, or the lack of free time. It was having to share a teeny tiny bathroom with Teague every morning. This is the bathroom we’re using right now: See that teeny tiny little […]

Beadboard installed, and we’re painting!

Thanks to MLK and the three-day weekend, we have made some major headway on the master bathroom. It finally feels like the end is in sight; I can’t tell you what that’s doing for my psyche! Finishing the drywall has been keeping Teague busy for the past few days, while painting (the vanity, a mirror, […]

Choosing a clawfoot tub shower

First and foremost, let me stress what a total debacle this endeavor was. Why the troubles? Perhaps because Teague and I are know-it-alls, and decided we didn’t need any help choosing the right shower. Or because we ordered the shower about a year ago, before we had a tub in our possession or any type […]

Using milk paint to rejuvenate a thrifted dresser

Choosing a vanity for the master bathroom was a drawn out process – much like any design decision I’m involved in. We looked at all sorts of store-bought vanities, but nothing in our price range screamed “take me home”. We looked at antiques, but didn’t want to put a hole in anything too valuable and […]


Well, based on great recommendations from a few of our commentors, including John of The Devil Queen and Erilyn of Reviving the Colonial, I went ahead and ordered some milkpaint for the bathroom vanity. I ordered a gallon of “light cream” and a pint of “driftwood” (pictured above, in that order) from Milkpaint.com. I want […]

Bathroom Color Scheming

Thanks to some Photoshop wizardry and a great shower curtain find, I think I’ve made a decision on the bathroom’s color scheme. I know you’ve all been on the edge of your seats…. how exciting, right? The basics: We’ll be painting the vanity (too lazy to strip it) so I had to choose a color […]

Clawfoot tub: Refinished, and amazing!

Christmas came early for us this year. Tub Guy came through, big time. I’ll admit, I had my doubts… the ever-changing timeline made me wonder just how professional this guy really was. But, once again proving that any time spent worrying is wasted, the tub was finished today and looks truly amazing…. like brand new. […]

Clawfoot tub…. so close, so far away.

Nearly three weeks ago, we sent our clawfoot tub to a professional restorer, having very little free time and zero confidence in the do-it-yourself kits. When we dropped it off, the Tub Guy said he’d have it done in one week. A week later, we called to check on his progess. He hadn’t started, and […]

More thrilling bathroom progress

On Saturday, as we puttered around the bathroom pulling nails and readying the walls for drywall, it occured to me….. the walls were ready for drywall! I got downright giddy. That is phenomenally exciting to me. I was expecting our progress to be much, much slower. I think this is one of those projects that […]

Master Bathroom Eye Candy

I haven’t shared much in the way of finish material plans yet, but that’s because we’re kinda winging it. I’ve been hemming and hawing, big time because I have trouble choosing finish materials when I can’t “see” the space. Once the walls and subfloor are in I’ll have a much easier time pulling the trigger. […]