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Fun Tools = Quick Work

Major Projects, Master Bathroom

This weekend was a complete success!

Maybe it’s the layer of grime that runs from one end of the house to the other, or the fact that animals have been crawling into our ceiling nightly. Or maybe it’s the breeze that blows through the cracks in the wall, letting us know we’re heating the outdoors too. Whatever it is, we’re motivated and working efficiently on the master bathroom renovations.

In two (long) days we managed to get the plumbing rerouted, the walls framed up, and all of the new electrical ran. Teague taught me how to frame using this handy-dandy Passlode nail gun, so I stuck to that while he ran plumbing – asking questions along the way, since the last time we were framing was over a year ago.
bathroomPlumb 006
It scared me at first because it’s quite loud and heavy… it’s not exactly girl-friendly, but my biceps are growing by the day. I never really got comfortable with it – I still flinch when it shoots off – but I did learn to appreciate its power. It’s MUCH quicker than a hammer.

We dragged our DeWalt chop saw upstairs (it’s a mess, after all, and it’s cold outside!) and cut 2×4’s as needed right on the floor. I’ve always had a crush on our chop saw. It’s easy to use and very well behaved – we never run into trouble with it.
bathroomPlumb 005

Without further ado, I present to you the new framing as seen from the bathroom side:

bathroomPlumb 001

You’re looking at the newly pushed out bathroom wall, with a new closet just beyond it. A closet with a light, no less. That’s the dryer vent curled around in there. Don’t worry, that’s not it’s permanent home.
Here’s the new framing, as seen from the craft room side:

bathroomPlumb 002

You can see the closet (front side) and the extended bathroom wall (back side), with the washing machine’s plumbing getting boxed in right behind the bathroom to hide it’s ugliness. It’s “box” is what the level is lying on top of.
This should all make more sense if you take a look at the floorplans and before photos posted here.

I hit a major milestone this weekend when I wired up 7 electrical outlets, 4 lights, and 3 switches without a single mistake. We both held our breath when the breaker went on, and after a small GFI snafu we realized everything was working as planned. Considering that I hate electrical and avoid it like the plague, I feel a parade is in order.

Comments, Thoughts, and Feedback

Lillian had this to say on 12.04.06:

Congratulations! It’s always a nice feeling to develop your skills and know you did a good job while getting the project complete.

Eilis had this to say on 12.05.06:

Gah! Just thinking about wiring things and being near actual electricity gives me the heebie jeebies. Impressive! Can’t wait to see more!

merideth had this to say on 12.05.06:

y’all have so much consistent energy…it’s impressive…we run out of steam every few months but not y’all! well done!

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