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Worth a Look

Now that we’re not working 24/7 on our house, the blog is getting a little lackluster…. time to branch out a bit and start moving beyond the “here’s what we did, ain’t it great?!” posts I guess. So unless you all hate it, I’m going to start a weekly “Worth a Look” post with links […]

Need it: Handyman Belt Buckle

It’s a belt buckle AND a bottle opener. And it’s super cool looking. Put it on your Christmas list ;) Handyman Belt Buckle from Patina Stores, $28.00

Paint snobs: 30% off Sherwin Williams (Nov. 2-4)

Everyone knows I’m into the pricey paints – but I almost never pay full price for them. $40/gallon? Not a chance.  Here’s our secret – we opened a Sherwin Williams customer account a few years ago, which gets us 20% off every day. On top of that, they send plenty of coupons and sale flyers. […]

Cool Tools: MagnoGrip

I think this little number would come in handy when drilling… especially when drilling overhead while balancing a piece of drywall on your head, severely straining your neck as you fumble for the screws in your pocket. You can get one here for $15.95, although the crafty gal in me thinks this would be VERY […]

A smarter paintbrush

So as you may have noticed, I really like painting. White walls offend my senses. I like lots and lots of saturated color. No pastels here! It all comes down to my twisted obsession with color and drastic, “big wow” changes. Someday, when I can afford fancy-schmancy hair salons, I’ll be one of those women […]

NYS Star Rebate – Like pennies from heaven

When we got a letter in the mail telling us to sign-up online for our NYS Middle-Class Star Rebate,  a property tax relief program, I marched straight to my laptop to fill out the form. I mean, how often does the government throw us a bone and admit that maybe, just maybe, New York State […]

Stone Age Wallpaper

Anyone close to me knows I have a real thing for dinosaurs. Blame it on the Advanced Dinosaur class I took while at RPI – a stellar science elective. Definitely more interesting than Geology or The Physics of Computing. So if I ever win the lotto and can afford cool wallpaper, I’m doing a “feature […]

Test drive paint colors

If you’re picky about color, it pays to “testdrive” a few different selections before you slap something on the wall. If you don’t, you just might end up painting the same room twice. Or, if you’re super anal, three times. Hypothetically speaking of course. Every paint site seems to have their own tool, some more […]

Designer ladder

It’s things like the CIMA ladder that make me want to become an industrial designer. Call me superficial, but I would trade our beat up old wooden ladder for this lime beauty any day – and it doesn’t even have a place to put my paint bucket. It could never do the job of our […]

A free alternative to Microsoft Project

Back when we first bought our house (almost 3 years ago… time flies when you’re stripping paint) I had wild fantasies about creating a schedule in Microsoft Project to keep us on track. I used Project in my previous job at a software company, so I knew how powerful it was to see things all […]