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The perfect garden accessory

Tell me this isn’t the most hilarious garden gnome you’ve ever seen. His name is George. Apparently those crazy gnomes work so hard, they can’t even slow down to take a crap!  And we thought we had it rough… He is out of stock until May, but I’m bookmarking it so I can get one […]

HGTV’s Rate My Space: Inspirational & Fun

As if HGTV has not sucked up enough of my time with their non-stop stream of DIY and renovation tv shows, their website has a new feature in beta that I could seriously get addicted to. It’s called “Rate My Space”. Basically, you upload photos of a room in your house (or your garden, yard, […]

Laundry and Craft Room: The Big Reveal

Today, I am going to set aside my anal retentive nature for a split second so I can share some craft room photos with you. Because despite my best efforts (involving a rubber mallet and a stream of profanities that’d make the cast of Charm School blush) I couldn’t get the aforementioned shelf put together. […]

Craft room inspiration

My craft room “after” is so very, very close to being ready… one very stubborn shelving piece is all that stands between me and that great feeling of accomplishment I’ll get when I post the pics. But dammit, it’s one tough shelf – and last night a flat tire derailed my plans to conquer it. […]

Gawking at neighborhood historic homes

After my last tirade about the weather, you might think Central New York does not get sunshine until July. But we had some good karma coming after all the shoveling we did this winter, and it came in the form of a gorgeous, cloud free weekend. Two entire days of sunshine and 70 degree temps. […]

To avoid excessive furniture lifting….

Now that we’ve got shiny floors, we’re doing our best to avoid scraping it. Which means moving things has become much more challenging and delicate. We used to just slide them across the floors, because they couldn’t get any worse! Furniture rearrangement causes fights in our house, since Teague forgets I’m not a mindreader with […]

Visiting a different fixer-upper

I won’t be posting much this week – I’m too busy hiking, window shopping, and sleeping in. We’re up in Bar Harbor – Teague is here to put a screen room on his parent’s cottage, and I tagged along for the views. Right now, I’m listening to drilling behind me – so even though I’m […]

Organizing Your Garage

We don’t have a “garage”, exactly – we have two small tool sheds instead. Teague keeps them pretty neat, but with all the goodies we’ve got in there it’s sometimes hard to find a spot for stuff. What we really need is a 2-car garage and a heated workshop. Until we win the lotto, we’ll […]

Painting Tips

Once again, we spent the weekend painting. What can I say – we like color. Alot. This time, we took the dining room out of the pink and into something a little more natural. After much speculation and a few heated arguments, we decided to paint the top half of the room with Sherwin William’s […]

Rained Out

Well, it’s official – we’re waiting until next weekend to start sanding down the other 2 floors. I can’t say I’m excited about pushing our timeline back a week, since it means our house will be ripped apart that much longer, but I suppose we’ll survive. The living room floor’s last coat of varnish is […]