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HGTV’s Rate My Space: Inspirational & Fun

As if HGTV has not sucked up enough of my time with their non-stop stream of DIY and renovation tv shows, their website has a new feature in beta that I could seriously get addicted to. It’s called “Rate My Space”. Basically, you upload photos of a room in your house (or your garden, yard, […]

Craft room inspiration

My craft room “after” is so very, very close to being ready… one very stubborn shelving piece is all that stands between me and that great feeling of accomplishment I’ll get when I post the pics. But dammit, it’s one tough shelf – and last night a flat tire derailed my plans to conquer it. […]

Gawking at neighborhood historic homes

After my last tirade about the weather, you might think Central New York does not get sunshine until July. But we had some good karma coming after all the shoveling we did this winter, and it came in the form of a gorgeous, cloud free weekend. Two entire days of sunshine and 70 degree temps. […]

Bungalow Inspiration

In writing this post, I am going to reveal just how pathetic my life really is. Because last night while all the hip cats were out sipping tequila shots out of each other’s navels, my friend Tracy and I went to see a movie. This wouldn’t be embarrassing, except that our choice in movies happened […]

Great idea – fake tin ceiling

Nadja and Sean of American Four Square Renewel took our “wallpaper on the ceiling” cheat one step further, painting it copper. And the pictures look amazing! We’ve thought about doing a copper-colored fake tin ceiling in our living room, so I had to bookmark their post. You might recall that we did a quick fix […]

Master Bathroom Color Palette

One of our commenters was interested in the colors used in our bathroom, so I thought I’d share the detailed info on our paint choices. I’m terribly in love with the way they came together. We started the process by choosing a shower curtain – because as you’ll quickly learn, it’s infinitely easier to find […]

Victorian homes – great photo gallery!

Photographer Phyllis Stewart has a great gallery of Victorian home photos, both interior and exterior. I came across these while searching for exterior color schemes for our upcoming (hopefully? if we can afford it? and if our sanity remains intact?) painting project. Because if all goes as planned, we want to start scraping and painting […]

A Victorian interior and our Edison phonograph

When my parents got rid of all their personal belongings and hit the road, we became the proud owners of some really awesome antiques. One of my favorite pieces is the Edison Disc phonograph, which came from my father’s family and (I think) dates to around 1915. Here it is in our front entry room: […]

DIY Kitchen Remodel – Greg is a god

Ok, so we did a little DIY remodel in our kitchen with a teensy budget last year, and it came out pretty good. But Greg, over at The Petch House blog, has a kitchen that makes my knees weak. And he did it all himself, including the design and construction of some truly gorgeous custom […]

Victorian Homes – Interior Inspiration

The photo-sharing community Flickr has got to be one of my favorite web tools EVER – second only to blogs, of course. Those of you using it need no convincing as to why it’s amazing. Those of you who aren’t… get over there and check it out! You can start with our Flickr gallery, which […]