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Home decor yumminess

As you’ve probably noticed, I have a serious addiction to pretty house things. Big things, little things, teeny tiny details that no one but me would ever notice…. the kind of stuff that makes your house unique and memorable and a reflection of you. Of course, it’s all just STUFF, and deep down I know […]

William Morris Tapestries

When I win the next Powerball, I’ll have enough dream items bookmarked to easily blow the $254 million. It seems like every day I come across something fantastic (and fantastically expensive). Damn the internet; if I couldn’t see these things online, I would never know they existed. It’s not like JCPenney carries them. And then […]

Fuzzot Furniture: Making junk beautiful

Months ago, over at One Woman’s Cottage Life, I saw some furniture that really caught my eye. Kim has a great sense of style and finds very unique pieces to fill her place, so I highly recommend you browse her site sometime. It’s very inspiring. Anyway… the kitchen island and table she features on her […]

What to do with your lotto winnings

Lately, I’ve been finding more amazing house decor eye-candy than I could possibly keep up with. I love this whole victorian-gone-hip thing going on both in clothing and home fashions, found online in shops like Anthropologie, Urban Outfitters, and Brocade Home. I can’t afford it, naturally, but I love window shopping. It gives me great […]

Cool office idea: Chalkboard Calendar

Saw this on the Martha Stewart site and had to pass it along – it’d be easy to create, and extremely useful (around our house at least). It’s a giant wal-sized calendar, painted using chalkboard paint. With such a large space to writ ein, you could write down your appointments, memos, to-dos, etc… and they’d […]

Go pro: get a degree

As you may already know, I’m an RPI alum. I was an Electronic Media, Arts and Communication major, and I’ve never regretted choosing that degree; it has served me well. But if I had my first student loan paid off, I might be tempted to go back a second time for a Masters degree in […]

Holiday Gift Guide, Part 1: Magazines

Black Friday is upon us, which means……… ’tis the season for frantically running from store to store in search of the perfect Christmas gift. I love giving presents, but I hate finding them; the perfectionist in me is never quite happy with what I find. In the back of my mind, there’s a little nagging […]

Bathroom Inspiration

I was digging around Greg’s site last night, since he’s in the process of remodeling his downstairs bathroom and as usual has some great eye candy (like this AMAZING toilet) and detailed information on where he’s getting all his goods. Anyway….. he posted a link to Vintage Plumbing Bathroom Antiques, a salvage shop in LA […]

If I had a million dollars…..

We’re gearing up to start our master bathroom soon, so I’ve been gathering design ideas and inspiration. We have approximately 1,254 “kitchen and bath” magazines lying around the house, which helps. They are pure house porn, fueling dangerous fantasies of the very best in fixtures and furniture. Similar to the way flipping through Cosmo leaves […]

Hidey-holes and secret rooms

Us housebloggers have discussed our love of secret hiding spaces before… maybe we watched too much Webster growing up. Maybe it’s the uniqueness of it that appeals to us. Or maybe it’s just an unconscious desire to have once place that feels safe and private in an age when privacy is anything but. Whatever the […]