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Mini-tools: fetish worthy

Blame it on all the doll houses I had growing up… I have a real thing for teeny tiny versions of regular sized objects. Case in point: my cat-sized dogs. So these mini-tools from Atwood Knife and Tool totally make me want to whip out the credit card. I mean, how cool would one look […]

Urine: Never loses it’s thrill

Loyal readers may remember the cat-pee fiasco two summers ago, before our hardwoods had been refinished. When the weather got hot, the floor boards actually became wet and sticky with the years of urine that had soaked into them. (The previous owners had very naughty kitties and, apparently, no noses.) The posts about cat urine […]

Floor Planner: Create and save your floorplans online

When it comes to spatial relations, I’ve got absolutely no skills. Blame it on my female brain if you must, but I’ve never been able to visualize how furniture can move around in a space.  I can look at a design on a computer and tell you to the pixel how far over I want […]

Touring the Oneida Community Mansion House (1848)

Our fabulously beat-up digital camera heaved a heavy sigh and conked out last week, so I have been camera-less for about 8 days. I have been totally lost without it. I don’t take particularly good photos, but I take tons and tons of them. Without photos, I could not fully share how pathetic the baby […]

Antique Porch Railings on Craigslist

Hey all, found something on the Syracuse area Craigslist that I had to share with you – some very cool antique porch railings at a reasonable price – $500 OBO. (Have you been to the salvage yards? Cause, yikes – these would probably cost 2-3x what this seller is asking.) SELLER SAYS: These one-of-a-kind railings […]

Reader Question: Clawfoot tub not sitting right

Alright, housebloggers – maybe one of you can help a homeowner in need. One of our commentors wrote in with this question: I just refinished a clawfoot bath tub with one problem the feet won’t stay in the grooves I was wondering if you had any suggestions… Please help??? -Ricci Our tub came with it’s […]

Clawfoot tub for sale

No, we haven’t grown tired of our own (extremely luxurious to soak in) clawfoot tub. But we have friends who aren’t quite as thrilled with the style as we are. They are getting ready to remodel their bathroom, and they are saying goodbye to their clawfoot tub. It’s a great tub – I’ve seen it […]

Dreaming of a small town life?

Our sleepy little neighborhood has some swoon-worthy old houses for sale right now. Half of them are on the same road, including two pink ginger-bready houses, a gray Queen-Anne style, and an Italianate that we use as our role model. In fact, three of the houses were on our walking tour post. I’m not sure […]

Shame yourself into chores

We have a habit of leaving little tasks undone for far too long. It’s not the big things – we’re good with big things – it’s the little stuff that I notice every single day and yet never take ten minutes out of my day to correct. Somehow they seem too small to bother with, […]

Self-Priming Exterior Paint?

I mentioned in a previous post that I have a newfound respect for the Valspar paint brand found at Lowe’s. I’ve only used the interior version, but got thinking that maybe their exterior would be worth looking into since we’re (…big deep breath…) hoping to paint the house this spring/summer/fall. We’ve got plenty of scraping […]